Choose the law firm to represent you and collect the money for you when you win, especially when you do not reside in the United States.

Lotopal and the law firm offer you the MOST TRUSTED WAY to buy lottery tickets in MEGA MILLIONS and POWERBALL, the two biggest lotteries in the world. If you are not in the United States, DO NOT LEAVE your tickets with a messenger company or a person whom you do not trust fully. A U.S. lawyer can guarantee that your tickets were really purchased. Your tickets must be in the custody of the U.S. law firm, and the law firm must tell you in writing that it has your tickets, prior to the drawing. Best of all, the law firm will not impose any condition whatsoever on your tickets, or deduct any fee from your winnings.

Your maximum trust is very important to us. Here are the steps which we follow when you send Lotopal to buy lottery tickets for you:
  • You order the lottery tickets;

  • We do not yet deduct the money from your account. We simply transfer the price of the tickets from your CASH, CREDIT, and/or BONUS balances to your TEMPORARY balance;

  • Lotopal uses its own money to buy the tickets;

  • Lotopal deposits the tickets with the law firm;

  • The law firm verifies the tickets, and sends 3 written messages to you via SMS, email (if you have one), and a message in your account; and

  • Finally, the price of the tickets is deducted from your TEMPORARY account balance.

Lotopal established the above steps in order to protect you. That is, until Lotopal purchases the lottery tickets, and the law firm confirms to you in writing that it has the tickets, the price of the tickets is not deducted from your account balance.

We work hard to satisfy our clients in order to always earn your trust and respect.